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Wir heißen KOMONO, das belgeische Trend Label in unserem Hingucker Store willkommen. 

KOMONO is a community of dreamers and designers dedicated to perfectly timed accessories, and rooted in the Belgian tradition of fierce dedication to quality and craft. KOMONO is a lens on global fashion, crafted with care and delivered on time. KOMONO means “small things” and its members share a passion for distilling the best of culture into its simplest forms. KOMONO is the perfect blend of Vision & Timing. KOMONO is global fashion at your fingertips. 


‘ Accessories are essential.
An outfit is incomplete without them.’ 


Vor allem das minimilastische Design und der unschlagbare Preis, machen die Marke zu etwas ganz Besonderem. Guckt hin. Schaut vorbei. Es sind die kleinen Dinge, die uns oftmals überzeugen.